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Make Mine Green 2 Go

Precipitous congelation

pearls ride sewage to the ocean

conjugatory revelation

as rivers drop their heavy load

of herbicides and fertilizers

into growing trees of deltas as seen

from battery powered satellites

pinging earthlings with raw data

that the oceans as we know them

are imperiled from the pelagic

spread of earth men tech

of farming the natural world

with banners waving unfurled.

Global domination is at hand

with the motherly invention, man,

To suit their needs and means

like near-sighted fiends

they relax and max their accounts

of dollar bills and humanitae

maxing and relaxing in short-term gain

While conservationists scrabble with the rabble

for nature preserves bordered by skyscrapers

And the US takes a 194 years

to form the EPA to clout environmental fears.

Isn't it about time

to celebrate Earth day right

the whole year round, though,

with an ecocentric party?