Nooks, niches, dead-ends, burrows, and bridges. You have found mine. All parts and labor are from the United States. Made in America. Made with pride. Email me for all inquiries

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Boundary_Tree 2010 year of plein air

For all of 2010 I've been plein air painting postcards except the very first one which I painted in January of a misty mountain that's outside of my front yard but also seen from the top of Schweitzer ski resort. Everywhere and nowhere, these pictures are from those escapes we all take one way or another

2009 year of the studio

Mostly studio works or what passes for a studio here at 3rd St. Brewery, these works represent a years worth of work. I did get the opportunity to go on the Scotchman Peaks Extreme Plein Air trip, but only have a couple left over from that expedition left to sell. That trip was the inspiration for all the work that followed in 2010, maybe not the subject matter but the modus operandi.

2008 year of the poem

I only have photographs left over from my time working in Texas. Well that's not entirely true, I have some poems from that time and a strong impression That most businessmen are used car salesmen at heart.

2007 year of the classroom

Marian Colman, a great landscape artist attempted to teach me the basics of watercolor painting, but like young Luke Skywalker, rushed out into the world before my training was done. Most of this stuff is illegal to post, except for this one of course

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